Friday, September 2, 2011

Sun Oxygen Cleaner Vs. OxiClean

Since the original release of the fabulous all purpose stain remover, OxiClean, several knock-offs and competitors have surfaced. While these knock-offs may cost much less, the important question is: do other less expensive products work as well as OxiClean to fight laundry, carpet, pet, furniture, and other various stains?

The most recent OxiClean competitor that I have purchased is Sun Oxygen Cleaner All Purpose Stain Remover. This chlorine free product advertises many of the same stain-fighting benefits as that of OxiClean, including pet, coffee, food, wine, and ink stains. But just how well does this product actually work?

I have been a firm believer in both the powder and spray forms of OxiClean for years now. The product works just as well as advertised, and proves effective when cleaning many other off-label stains and surfaces. What I do not enjoy about OxiClean is its ever-increasing prices.

Having used OxiClean for several years, I feel that I have attained enough experience with the product to fairly compare its effectiveness with that Sun Oxygen Cleaner All Purpose Stain Remover.

Obviously, the first test for the Sun product was the removal of laundry stains. My husband works at a hardware store and frequently comes home with dirty and smelly clothes due to handling various rental equipment and paint products. His greasy and dirty jeans made for the perfect test. Removing the clean jeans from the dryer, I immediately noted that Sun Oxygen Cleaner thoroughly removed every bit of dirt and greasy grime from the denim.


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