Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Deodorize Urine Odor with Borax

Urine odors can be very hard to eliminate from surfaces. Pet accidents can be hard to get the urine smells eliminated from surfaces. Bed wetting accidents can leave a mattress smelling like urine. If you have small children with diapers you know that the diaper pail can get gamely over use. Urine odors can be eliminated with Borax.

Borax is a wonderful deodorizer. Borax deodorizes as it cleans surfaces that have been urinated on. Borax is a versatile household cleaner and it is a great booster in the laundry.

If you have clothes that smell of urine Borax can deodorize the clothes in the washing machine. Just add a half a cup of borax to your wash load along with your regular detergent to remove the smell of urine on clothes. Borax works well at deodorizing cloth diapers. Borax in your washing machine helps your regular laundry soap to work better. Borax helps to whiten and brighten your clothes and also helps to remove stains.

Diaper pails can smell like urine and they need to be cleaned every so often. Clean your diaper pail with warm water and a quarter cup of borax to rid the diaper pail of urine smell. A dirty diaper pail can make a room smell like urine so to clean the diaper pail with some borax can freshen up the whole room.

Pets can have accidents on the floor. Pet odor can make a room smell of urine. Clean pet urine spots with some borax to deodorize the smell of urine. Just dampen the spot on the floor with some clean water and sprinkle some borax on it. Rub the borax into the spot with a clean cloth and let it dry. After the borax has dried then brush the spot or vacuum the borax up.

Accidents happen on mattresses and when they do a mattress can get the odor of urine. You can remove the urine smell out of a mattress with borax. Moisten the area on the mattress with a clean damp cloth. Then rub some borax into the moist spot with a clean cloth. Let the spot dry and then you can vacuum up the borax. If the mattress still smells like urine you can repeat the process.


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